Point - to - Point Average Race Tournaments

Point-to-Point Average Race Tournaments! Races are based on a start and a finish location. There is no planned route. We will all meet at a start location and it will be ‘Go’ and see you there. Most Point-to-Points will have 2 or 3 main ways to get to the destination. Bring a Sat Nav if you are unsure of the local area.

The Image shows how points will be calculated. Of course it’s an average race. So it’s not the first to arrive or the last to arrive.

The reason for that is, it would encourage speeding or wreckless behaviour. If it was the last to arrive, nobody ever would! So by making it middle average means regardless of what or how you drive, it makes it as fair as possible! It becomes more about luck than skill.

Throughout the season we will keep a leader board and award a prize at the end of the season.

Current Leaderboard