About Us

Welcome to the South Coast Drivers. We are a social group of car enthusiasts who share a passion for driving.

We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and our routes cover many of the major and scenic roads in Sussex.

We are not a club, there are no membership fees, commitments or obligations. Group members can come along for meets and drives as freely as they wish.

There are no requirements, anyone can join us regardless of age, gender or what they drive. Whether it’s your daily driver, summer car or weekend classic. This is a group for the drivers.



Throughout Spring to Autumn we aim to arrange official events once or twice a month weather permitting.

Most of our events comprise of organised preset routes featuring a mix of fast A roads, country twisties and scenic lanes.

The idea behind having planned routes is that everyone is able to enjoy roads they may never have explored whilst knowing that there is no chance of getting lost from the group and not knowing where to go.

We have admins within the drive in constant radio contact to try to ensure the group stays together as much as possible, and where possible slow down to let others catch up.

Please Note: We do not condone dangerous or wreckless driving. This is a group to encourage driving for pleasure not competition. Whilst almost all of us like to ‘stretch the legs’ a little from time to time, we must be seen to drive responsibly.